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Originally Posted by db379 View Post
Kal el and Suppawat,

Any news on the Angel 95? Have you played more with it? Have you switched to it and why or why not?
I expect Kal el or Suppawat will reply to this , but I hope you don't mind me jumping in - it looks like you're looking for feedback from Angel users.

I received my TC95 at the beginning of December - Initial details are here

I've strung it with Signum Pro Micronite 16 at 53 lbs (Mikeler's top choice) Seemed a good time to try this string out, rather than my usual Yonex 850 at 53 lbs.

My previous and therefore comparison racquets are the Dunlop 4D 200 (18 x20) and Dunlop Bio 200 tour (16x1

Due to the rather cold and damp weather at this time of year in Scotland I've only had half a dozen matches with it so far, but here's some initial thoughts ...

Despite being fairly closely matched to my Dunlop Bio 200 Tour it feels quite a bit easier to swing and more maneuverable.

The grip size on both is a 3, (B shape on the Angel), but the Angel seems a bit bigger so I've foregone the usual overwrap on it. I find the synthetic grip they fit just right in terms of grippiness/comfort - in fact I've asked Paul if I can buy some more.

The comfort/feel balance is excellent. Some Vantage users have described them as muted. Actually I find the Angel less so than my Dunlops. There's good feel for the ball, without any unwanted vibration etc.

In terms of power it has a larger sweetspot or a more even response than the Dunlops. With the current combination of string and racquet I get the same or more pace than the Dunlops but with an easier takeback, so I'm getting more winners out of it - always welcome

I use fairly strong topspin (semi western grip) on forehand and ohbh. The Angel works great off both wings and I'm getting the same or more spin when I need it . Slice backhands also work a treat with good bite and feel to send them on their way.

Mid court pickups and volleys are better than the Dunlops due to the easier takeback & more balanced feel and more even response off the various parts of the string bed .

Serves are better than the Dunlops - I get more bite on the ball for slice serves/kickers and similar pace for the flat serves.

All in all a real pleasure to use and the best racquet I've ever owned (which was a relief to me as it was a stretch financially). I still make some mishits and errors, but I'd say they are mine, not the racquets, and I'm working on honing those down for one enjoyable season of tennis . I suppose the final icing on the cake is my results have been consistently better with the Angel.

I'm sure others with have differing views, some less glowing, since there's no such thing as a magic one for all racquet, but I hope that feedback helps a bit.
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