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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Thanks for the info, fellas. But remember, we are talking about a chase through suburban streets, so top speeds of 100 plus wouldn't matter much. I guess it would be more about pick-up and quickness and handling.

What might the 0-60 be on these two cars?
Not sure about the Jaguar but a 70's V-8 ferrari would reach 60 in about 7 seconds when it was new. However it can no longer do that today. I saw a TOP GEAR episode where they tested old exotic cars and they all were much slower today.
So, Jaguar XKE 0-60 time most likely would be over 8 seconds.

a Challenger R/T V-8 would reach 60 in about 5.3 seconds
a Camaro SS V-8 would reach 60 in about 4.7 seconds.

But a Mustang Boss V-8 would beat them all. It would reach 60 in about 4.0 seconds.
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