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Red face Shoulder

I checked out the video what year was it made? Was that dude just a USPTA pro talking about shoulder pt? Nothing new in the video that I did not already know from being a CSCS for the past 23 years. Bottom line is any overhead sport is bad for your cuff. If u are like me and have a type 3 u will get impingement sooner.

First the tendon rubs on the bone the bone protects itself by making a bone spur which cuts the tendon over time. My doc even created more more and even cut off 1cm of my collarbone. Both spurs regrown over a 12 years and so I got both shoulders scoped after having the open style surgery first.

I opted for the open style first since the retear rate was lower compared to scope jobs at the time 1996 and 1999. I got scoped in 2010 and 2012. Looking back my Doc said they could grow back over time but I had no problems until one day it just pooped and made another hole in the tendon. I could have gotten an mri every year on each shoulder but that would have costed me 800.00 out of pocket every year. Plus staying still in a tube for 30 mins for each one is not fun rather get another surgery haha!!

Funny thing I only serve slice and flat no kickers. I think the kick serve and american twist is far worse than slice or flat. What I learned is always wear your shoulder pads even in light practice. Also don't play clay court tennis which is good for your knees bad for your cuff. Hitting 5-6 balls chest height on hard court is way better than 8-12 balls shoulder or above your shoulder height on clay. Knee sugery was about 10 years ahead of shoulder surgery last time I checked.
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