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Finally back on this.

6. Solinco Tour Bite 17 (1.20mm). TW strung this at 56 in my new racket. I did not measure it with rackettune throughout the life of the string.

Groundstrokes: So. Much. Spin. The thin gauge brings out even more spin from this string as compared to its thicker variations which aren't exactly slouches. I can hit hard with a lot of net clearance and the ball just drops like a stone. This caused some problems at first because I usually hit more of a flat trajectory with lower net clearance, so the ball would land short and bounce up sitting right in my opponents' strike zones, but once I started hitting higher, the balls were landing deep in the court with heavy spin. Good power here too. Fairly similar to ALU Power with less pop and much more accessible spin IMO. 10/10: The best string off the ground I've played with. Ever.

Volleys: Eh. Not the same euphoric experience as groundstrokes. Not a lot of touch. Spin is good on drop volleys, but feel isn't. I found that I had to punch the ball a bit more squarely than usual to get comparable depth to my regular string (Polystar Classic 1.30). It works, but it's nothing special, and I have to take extra care to keep my volleys placed deep in the court. It's almost discouraging me from net play and encouraging me to bash from the baseline. 5/10: Mediocre at best.

Serves: Back to the good qualities. TONS of spin on serve. Kickers were bouncing around opponents' shoulders. Slices bit like crazy. Flat serves were pretty nice too. I did find that if I didn't attack the ball with the intent of creating a lot of spin, though, that there was a tendency for it to sail. Just more motivation to stay on the gas I guess. 9/10: Really enjoyable. Good targeting and spin. Rewarding, especially when you really go for a big spin serve

Durability: Not bad for a 1.20mm diameter string. I got 7 hours out of it. Playability (read: stiffness and spin) stayed consistent through most of the test. At about the 6 hour mark, I noticed that the edges had worn a bit, but I still got plenty of spin. 8.5/10: Good durability and playability duration for a string of this diameter.

Overall: I really enjoyed this string. It reminds me why I played the 1.25mm version all of last year. It takes the power and spin of that diameter and amplifies them. There's a bit of control drop-off, but the extra spin takes care of that. Durability isn't exceptional or anything, but for the performance, it's acceptable. 9.25/10: I didn't average the scores from the four categories like I usually do simply because this is one of the best strings for my game, and I really enjoy it. True Average would have been 8.125/10
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