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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Not true. That post was utter garbage of a jealous tennis parent.

He said she must have "been 7" to play the Herr 6 times. She was ALMOST 10 when she played the Herr her first time. She is 15 now. I proved his post was a total lie several times.

I am disappointed that you gave credence to a post that was so out of bounds. She is a normal looking tall 15 year old girl with a normal voice. His entire post was garbage.

If you have specific information about someone who changed the age, fine....of course that happens. But do not feed the trolls who just come on here and slander kids with no proof.
I apologize. That said I did mean to show some empathy to the age fudging that seems to occur. However, it is totally fair to call me out on the other aspects of the comments that are without proof, especially regarding a minor.
I will say that LeBron had to deal with the age questions for almost a decade. It is not a left field conversation in today's sports world.
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