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Re Ana Konjuh; I have no empirical evidence but seriously doubt she is 14. I saw her play the Eddie Herr G14 doubles final in 2011 when she would have been 13. She served at 110, hit 80mph groundies and had quads bigger than mine. She stands 5' 10" has an unusually deep voice and I personally herd her tell the tournament director that she was thrilled to finally win, as this was her 6th time playing the Eddie Herr. Hmmmm... that would mean she was playing the 12s when she was 7? Not likely. More believable is that the Serbian Federation gave her a new passport with a brand new birth year. International competition is filled with players who falsify their age. At this year's Eddie Herr my daughter heard two boys in the registration line complaining about a player they know is 18, playing the 16s. Interestingly, one of the boys asked his friend why he's complaining when he does the same thing. His answer was that "everybody's doing it, so why not?" I know it's impossible to police foreign players, but there should be some system that compares past registrations against current, to see if anyone suddenly got younger. TDs are so confrontation averse they prefer to look the other way, and collect the fee.
As previously pointed out this is utter crap. BTW, it's not the TD's job to give credit to every wack job parent who protests and claims so and so player is not the age they claim. If that was the case how would any tournament be played? Protests of these types have to be made through the governing body and if you are going to protest someones age, you better have some proof, like a birth announcement from a newspaper. If you don't know how to protest through the proper channels, you don't deserve to have a kid playing the game.
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