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I think part of my issue with this is that the USTA allows companies to set up video recording services at the courts. I know some of these people post on there and they are good honest people. I have nothing against them and I wish the best, but you do realize that once that video gets in the hands of the parent they can do whatever they want with it just as if they recorded it themselves. Based on that I should be able to do it too. I understand that there can be issues with recording kids which makes this a hot topic. Almost everyone out there has a video camera on their phone so it is hard to police.

Video taping is happening all around us. If I film my child at a road race. Do I have to have permission of all the people there? No. If ESPN films a tennis match can they put the camera on the people in the audience and then broadcast it to the world without the permission of those being video taped? Yes they can. Where does the permission to video tape start and end? I do not think that has been decided yet.

I have mixed feelings about all of this.
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