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Originally Posted by 6-1 6-3 6-0 View Post
How likely is it that Laver would have won a hard-court slam?
In 1969 grass was fast, and clay was slow. Hard-courts would be in-between, so it seems likely that Laver could have won on an in-between-speed court, if he could win on the extremes.

The next logical question: did Laver win on hard-court in 1969?

In 1969 the most important hard-court tournament was the South African Open in Johannesburg. In March 1969 Laver won that outdoor hard court tournament, beating Tom Okker in the final: 6-3, 10-8, 6-3. (In 1969 Laver also won the Philadelphia Indoor Open WCT on carpet over Roche, the indoor BBC2 World Professional Championships in London over Rosewall, the U.S. Professional Championships over Newcombe on uni-turf, the Fort Worth Professional Championships on hard-court over Rosewall, and the British Covered Court Championships in London over Roche on indoor wood.)

The next logical question: did Laver want to win a Grand Slam in 1969 (regardless of the surface)? Simple answer: yes.

Is it likely? Yes.
Did he do it? No.
In the end, the aggressive all-court player always has the advantage against a power-bashing baseliner.

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