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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
Cheating is the fault of the parents. Kids want to win and sometimes they call the ball wrong by mistake or on purpose. Either way it is WRONG! The only reason there are kids out there cheating is because their parents let them do it. Pull your kid out of the tournament, go tell a ref your child is cheating, do something about it parents. Also, the USTA needs harsher penalties for blatant cheating. Penalize games when something is blatant. Have a point system where kids have to sit out if they are caught doing it too much.
It's not always the parents fault. Kids have to learn to call the balls on their own. I've seen parents in a rage about their kid getting cheated on lines many times. But the funny thing is the kids playing never question, fight each other about it or go get a line judge. Calling the lines from the side line for the most part is OFTEN not the best angle. Kids just need to learn to get a line judge using the age old system, question the first one, get a line judge on the second one.

If parents want to get a line judge on their kid, you have to be careful about that. It could be construed as coaching. Like it or not, if a parent did that to my kids match I wouldn't allow it. Whose to say that the parent calling the line judge on his own kid knows that when the line judges walks on the court his kid settles down?

I've also seen parents pull their kid for bad behavior, like this is some sort of noble gesture. Another funny thing, I've only seen the kid pull when they were losing. Everyone knows it was to keep the kid from taking a legitimate loss.

The USTA already has a penalty system for rule violators who get code violations.

I've literally watched hunderends of matches over the last 6 yrs. not just my kids but many others at local, sectional and national level events. I see very good line calling over and over. Reports of increased cheating amoung USTA juniors is greatly exaggerated.
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