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Gauge of playtest string 17g

Tension used for playtest 48 pounds with 4 knots

Regular string set up Varies, generally L-Tec 5s/Os

Racquet brand and model used for test Head YouTek IG Radical Pro (modded to 355 grams)

Power of test string I found that this string was plenty powerful on it's own at the tension I used. It wasn't that there was a surplus of power, nor a lack of it, it was equally balanced. I was able to harness the power the string provided but didn't feel that I was ever going to overhit long or wide.

Feel This was pretty decent. I could feel the ball on the stringbed when hitting touch shots and when hitting out. Very responsive I'd say.

Spin I don't know if it was me and the crummy weather lately, but the spin production was nothing special. The "gears" wore down pretty quickly (within the first two hours of hitting) so it was just another round poly. The spin that I did get felt pretty thin and I had to put in extra effort to get the string to spin the ball more than on normal strokes.

Comfort I would say that the Tour version is much softer than it's rigid cousin. It offers a nice comfortable bed with little string vibration. I didn't have many pains other than normal soreness after hitting a few hours with this. It was nice.

Durability Unfortunately, I have had some crummy weather here, so I have not been able to play a lot with this string (about 7 hours) and the tension has dropped significantly. The last hour of play the string became mushy and overly springy. They have not notched much at all, but I will have to cut them out after the next hitting session (I want to see if they bust).

Playability Duration As mentioned above, the play for the first couple of hours, the string felt pretty good. But after the strings started to round and tension dropped, the stringbed became mushy and hard to control.

Control I noticed with this string, at normal swingspeeds and contact, the trajectory was quite low. A lot of balls were going into the net, I had to put lift on the ball to get it to go over the net consistently. Once I got my timing down, I could but the ball where I needed to with ease. Not very demanding when locked in on contact point.

Tension recommendations I would go a little higher on my tension, maybe 55lbs. The power was there but I felt like I needed more of an even plane to feel connected to the ball.

Compare to the string you use most often It's definitely a different feeling string, it's not crisp upon contact but it was more comfortable than my normal set up. I didn't love the softness of the stringbed but I could see myself giving it another go had I used a higher tension.

If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare. It's much less crisp that the original Cyclone. I would prefer to go back to the original if I had to choose. The tour was too soft and lost playability/tension too quickly. I did, however; enjoy the color.
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