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Originally Posted by agu View Post

I have been playing for almost 2 years and i have found that some people use different tension on the mains and the crosses. I usually use a 53 lb tension(prince synt.gut) on a Yonex Vcore 100s. If i want to gain more spin and control without losing power and feel how could i customize it by having different tensions??

There is no magic solution to give you everything, it is personal preference.

The only guidance I can give you is if you like your racquets better when they are freshly strung, string a couple of pounds tighter next time and see how you like that. If you like your racquets better towards the end of the stringjob, then string them a bit looser next time and see how that works out for you.

Most people stringing at different tensions on the main and cross are using different strings on the main and cross. If you wanted even though you use the same string for both (Which is perfectly fine and recommended for most players) you could string the mains 2# tighter and it will give the stringbed a bit more even feel since the mains will come out looser than the crosses with the machine set to the same tension however, almost nobody (including me) does that.

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