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A boy in our section was suspended for 3 months for making too many bad line calls. This kid has very few friends. My son played doubles with him a few years ago and had to overrule one of his calls. He never played doubles with him again. Most kids improve their line call with age, as they learn how to make right calls. A few high ranked, got worse. Too much pressure from their parents for winning? Other types of cheating include delayed game, long rest room break, screaming and trash talking including the use of racial, sexual remarks and even threatening to "kill" his opponent. Yes, parents are mainly to blame for cheating and bad behaviors. Sometimes, tournament directors knowingly did nothing to stop kids from cheating. I personally witnessed 3 occasions that the match between two siblings were not played but scores were reported. One common excuse used by cheating kids and their parents is that other kid cheated first and their kid just cheated back. BTW, the cheating kids never call umpire to stop other kids from "cheating"!
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