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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Rosewall deserves to be mentioned up there. I think hes got a slam equivalent of 23-24 slams if we count the pro slams and RIDICULOUS longevity

1. Laver or Pancho
Rosewall just right below??
.. And Fed and Sampras rounding it out in the 4th or 5th spot?
Gonzales doesn't even have the numbers to counter Federer.

Last time I checked he won a total of 17 - 2 of which he won as an amateur. He never won the French Open - the only major played on clay at the time and only made 2 finals of those.

Not to mention that the "professional tours" in the 50's weren't actual "tours". It was a 2-men battle throughout a year. It's like you put Federer and Djokovic together and make them play 100 matches in a year and who wins most ends the year ranked 1st. So a guy who was a part of it is actually greater than Federer who has to work his a** off in 7 5-set matches, all physically demanding. I mean WAT.

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