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Originally Posted by Doc K View Post
I'm thinking about acquiring an older Prestige 600 (one of the green ones) but I don't know a thing about sources for replacement parts. This one probably needs a new bumper guard and maybe grommets as well and certainly a new butt cap.

But there are no cracks, no chips, no exposed anything...

So here's my question for the board: are these parts readily available, or is it more a case of scrounging new old/deadstock? And two, are these older racquets worth the trouble.

hit me up here or if you have parts suggestions/experiences that you'd care to share, you can email me directly at

For grommets use MG/YT Prestige Mid CAP Grommets.
For the Butt-cap here:
Djokovic Racquets specs: weight-358g balance-32cm SW-370 Flex 60RA
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