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actually -

the serve - this is your best stroke.. lots of good stuff there.. i like your loading and coiling... but you can make it better. you leave lots of RHS on the table by accelerating the head and the handle together... if you try the other extreme by exaggerating accelerating the head while SLOWING down the handle, you will feel what it's like to dump all the momentum on the head, and achieve the tell-tale high hand high elbow finish.

the FH - it's serviceable, I'd say the room for improvement is more in the footwork than in the stroke itself.

the BH - it still looks disconnected to me.... how does it hold up during match when they pound your BH? don't worry much about staying sideways... let the arm stay connected to the chest and rotate your core thru the contact.

you (accidentally) showed 1 volley and it was miserable... gotta shore that up, otherwise they will pull you to the net and undress you naked there
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