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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
Probably true, but those few instances stick with people, so it gets blown up.

I've only seen one match really decided by cheating so far. Two 12U kids (not mine) were playing a 3rd set tie breaker in a semi. It was a great battle - close and down to the wire. I was on a deck overlooking one baseline and the kid on my side followed an approach to the net and got lobbed. Great lob, landed just inside the line and left a nice mark on the HarTru. The kid chasing it down called it out and swiped his foot over the mark. The other kid couldn't see where it landed as his view was obstructed by his opponents body.

The worst part was, the cheater's parents were cheering the win wildly (sitting near me with the same vantage point) and the lobbers mom was yelling at him for letting it happen. Should have been the other way around.
My son and I watched one match at a B14 national open 3 years ago. Three umpires were on the same court to help two Eastern boys making the line calls. On the next court, two boys from the same section were playing one out ball after another. We still remember all of these four boys' names.

I could only remember my son lost perhaps a total of 5 matches (out of more than 800 matches has has played) because of bad calls. But he probably lost a couple of dozens because he played the out balls.
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