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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
My 10 year old does this, too. I thought it was only when I play with him and he doesn't want to call it out on me, but I see him play serves in matches that are a good 6 inches or more out. Doesn't have the same issue with sidelines or baseline. Maybe it's something about that particular angle?
Height disadvantage? I would think that angle is the worst one. I know it still gets me, which I always call good...Which is obviously what you're always supposed to do, but I second guess myself a lot less on those service calls, because, honestly, they are just the hardest ones for me to call on my opponent. I'm 5'3 btw.

Obviously, so much easier watching the kids match and being an expert. Lol. I do it all the time "What, are they blind??"
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