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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
I hear you my 10 year old plays out balls all he time. I think serves are the hardest for him to call. He plays lots of balls that are a foot out.
Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
This would be a great thread on its own......

Why can some juniors see the serves better than others?

My son has the same problem and he is a bit older...

I am beginning to think I need to get his eyes checked.
Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
My 10 year old does this, too. I thought it was only when I play with him and he doesn't want to call it out on me, but I see him play serves in matches that are a good 6 inches or more out. Doesn't have the same issue with sidelines or baseline. Maybe it's something about that particular angle?
My son is already 16 and he would still return so many serves that are out several inches, many are 2nd serves. It's very difficult for a returner to see a gap between the balls and the service line when the ball bounces off at 80-90 miles per hour (or even 50-60 miles per hour for 10-12 yr old). He has been improving on calling serves lately, after hours of practicing receiving with another kid who has big serves and me as the line judge. We came to a conclusion that it's impossible to see a gap between where the ball bounces off and the service line if the serve is less than an inch deeper and difficult to see the gap if its less than 2" deeper. After seeing and hearing me calling the serves hundreds of the serves, he is a lot better now.

Calling the ball out from the baseline is also a lot tougher than calling the ball out on the sidelines.
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