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Just want to give another perspective. This sort of discussion has been on this board several times. Mac is indeed, still at his age, a great player, and amazing for his age. This is because he is one of the all time greats from his younger prime days.

However, in these exhibitions with Sampras and the like, they are taking it easy on him. If you think otherwise you just dont understand the true nature of the exhibitions. Eric Butorac and I were somehow talking about this over a month ago. He also finds it laughable how some people still believe Mac can beat current professional players, even the low ranked.

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I've also hit a few times with TonLars on this board. He is a 5.5+ player who plays In a few satellites. We played seriously once 2 and a half years ago and he cleaned my clock 0-1. The games weren't super close, we maybe went to deuce 4-5 times. I came away feeling that if I wasn't so nervous (50+ people watching) I might have served better and at my very best won a couple more games.

The thing that sticks out looking back at this is that both players (Chang and Larson) is that both were extremely impressive and daughnting to play. The difference between the two was I felt I had a chance to win points and even games against Larson, whereas during my brief hit with Chang I felt as though I had no chance. I was at his mercy, a puppet on a string.
Haha hey, fun to read your perspective on this! Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully we will play again one day and youll have another shot!
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