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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
I'm a big McEnroe fan but let's be serious: he didn't look that good against Agassi nor Rafter. I'm taking Serena in a best of 3 match 4 times out of 5.
Serena is a great player, but Mac has kept himself in shape and plays a lot from what I've seen. It's a huge tribute to Serena that she could probably legitimately pick up some games off her serve because it's so good, but no way she beats him. His serve would be very, very difficult for her to break. He's so good at absorbing and redirecting an opponent's pace, and his hands are so friggin' good even now. I just don't think she can consistently get enough on the ball pace and spin wise to really bother him, and she couldn't keep him off the net where he'd really hurt her.

Agassi and Rafter are younger men, with hard hitting games. They CAN get enough pace and spin on the ball to bother a guy like Mac, their serves are going to be bigger weapons, they can handle Mac's serve better, and Rafter will take the net from Mac whenever he can.

They are all great players.
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