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Default Scotus' Review of Volkl Cyclone Tour

Gauge of playtest string

Tension used for playtest
30/28 lbs. Tension lowered for winter.

Regular string set up
Hybrid of Babolat VS natural gut mains and Prince Beast XP in 16 gauge

Racquet brand and model used for test
Wilson BLX Five weighted up to 12 oz.

Ease of stringing
I found Cyclone Tour fairly easy to string. No excessive coil memory. In spite of the very visible and pronounced ridges, the string did not hurt my fingers. Weaving crosses was also a piece of cake.

Power of test string
Plenty of pop, although not as explosive as my gut/poly hybrid.

"Middle of the road" on everything. Not very crisp, not very soft. It has a somewhat mushy feel that some might interpret as "soft" but nowhere as soft as Prince Beast XP, Weiss Cannon Mosquito Bite or Turbo Twist. Don't expect great touch shots with this setup. Cyclone Tour is only somewhat crisp and doesn't bite the ball as well as I'd like. It is not quite easy on the ear as well: it produces a loud, annoying "ping" noise, even when dampened with Gamma Shockbuster.

The spin level is average, definitely lower than my gut-poly hybrid. Lower than Luxilon M2, ALU, RPM Blast. To my surprise, I found it easier and more enjoyable to drive the ball more flat with this setup.

Cyclone Tour is above average in comfort for a poly, but it is the type of poly with a somewhat mushy feel that serves to mask its stiffness (reminiscent of the old Prince Polygut). Even at low tension I felt plenty of shock. After the initial tension loss, it felt much more forgiving.

Plenty of durability for me. I always replace polys long before they break.

Playability Duration
Great for 2 hitting sessions. I experienced the best control and comfort in the second hitting session (I suppose that's when the tension dropped to my sweet spot). It went south in the third session.

The trajectory was very predictable and the string helped me drive the ball more flat. I didn't quite experience much of those poly trajectories where the ball seems to go long but the bottom falls out at the last moment and the ball drops in. I had solid directional control with this setup, but did not do too well with touch shots.

Tension recommendations
I used the low tension for the winter. To my surprise, it was only recently that I found that I like my string tension 20 lbs lower in the winter than I have for the summer. If I had to do it again, I would have gone even lower, perhaps 27/25 lbs.

Compare to the string you use most often
Cyclone Tour would not replace my VS/Beast hybrid. My hybrid has simply more spin, control, explosiveness, and comfort.

If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare.
I have played with original Cyclone 18 gauge only once, but I seem to remember that the original had a better bite, spin and even comfort (perhaps due to its being much thinner).

Thank you, TW, for this opportunity!
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