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Default comfortable substitute for prince diablo mid

Hi all, I currently use the tour diablo mid and I love it a lot but ever since I started using the racquet I have been getting pain or soreness in my wrist. I like to swing loosey and with a relaxed grip and let the racquet do the work for me in my shot. I find the frame plays very stiff despite the not so insanely high stiffness rating. I am using a full bed of rip control at a comfortable tension, and I use a dampener (which really helps) but every now and then I either feel some slight discomfort from a bad hit or soreness after the session. The soreness usually goes away the next day or so which is fine since I only play once a week.

I have decided to stop using it for now to be on the safe side and resort to my exo tour but I can't hit the same heavy ball/shot due to the lack of plow through. I feel I need to arm the ball through the hitting zone more. My shot trajectory is more loopy/slower and doesn't penetrate through the court with weight with the diablo.

I am considering a switch to the rebel 95 as it weighs and swings the same and with the low flex looking very attractive. I am also considering the rebel 98 too as the review and feedback mentions it has good stability and plow so I am thinking I might do myself a favour by using something that can produce the result I want but lighter with a forgiving head size.

For those who have experience with the diablo mid, and the rebels, your opinion is greatly valued.
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