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Originally Posted by db379 View Post
Hi Chas,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It looks like you have found your stick!

Do you have experience with the previous version of the 200 Tour, the 4D 200 Tour? I have used this stick and find it quite to my liking. I haven't played the bio version. I like the fact that the response seems even across the stringbed on the Angell according to what you said. One think that I may not like with the Angell is the muted feel... I have played with some pro stocks and one Vantage before and they did feel muted. I tend to like some feedback to the hand, which is why I never use a dampener on my sticks. Could you comment more on this?

Yes, I have the 4D 200 Tour as well. A nice racquet - and the best looking Dunlop in my opinion .

It's difficult to beat the plow through you get on the 4D Tour, so I guess it depends on your style. With the 4D I found it best to abbreviate the racquet swing and use the swing weight to help punch the ball back. On a free flowing singles game that worked fine for the ground shots, and for block back returns of serve. Where I suffered was on reactive shots (especially in Doubles), and the mid court pick ups.

By contrast the Angell feels much easier to swing and I can get more head turn on the ball to generate spin. I also find the serve easier to vary between the various styles - flat, spin etc. The 4D required a more deliberate action , if that makes sense.

I think the sweetspot on the Angell is a bit bigger, or to put it another way it's a bit more forgiving.

I don't really notice that the Angell is more muted than the 4D Tour - but that could just be me !
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