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Yes i saw pete practicing with the babolat, but the image of the babolat doesn't seem to match the black out racket he using. The head size is total different shapes. and also the bottom of the grommet is not the same at all.

Originally Posted by gavna View Post
He had a "lifetime" agreement with Wilson but really who knows exactly what the terms are. He was using a Pure Storm Tour since 2009/2010 and then a Blacked Out one for over a year.
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Does Pete still have contract with Wilson and is obligated to use Wilson frames ?
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Yes in the senior events this past fall he was using an all black new Blade 98 -

In L.A. At the same time working out he had some of the new BLX Blades as well.......I'm sure some of the folks on these boards that frequent the shop he drops by at fairly often in Westwood can confirm.
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doesn't he use a babolat pure drive these days?

might well be a blacked out wilson mind

but from the exos and senior tournies i remember, he was using a babolat these days
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