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Originally Posted by max View Post
I think you should toss in a few midsized ones, too, to demo.

I mean, honestly, if you can put the frame on the ball at 100 inches, the difference is just not worth talking about. . . or exaggerating. You can do it.
Going from a 100 sq inch frame to a midsize is a huge step in my opinion.

Simply rallying with a midsize frame is a whole other story than playing a match. You need to hit very cleanly with a midsize and that is much more difficult during a match. So it is important to demo racquets during matches as well.

I tell this from my own experience and I started with during the wooden era so I know how a 65 sq inch wooden frame plays. I think I wouldn't be able to play at the same level as with a 95" headsize. I was also intrigued by the feel of the Head Prestige Mid and I tried to switch several times but every time I noticed that it was just too small for my game. My slice serves and backhand were not as penetrating as with a 95" headsize. Volleys are a bit easier as well because of the more forgiveness of a MP.

So I would recommend the OP to switch to a smaller MP (95-98 inch headsize) first. When you feel that is still too big then you might take the step to a midsize. However don't make the mistake to listen to your ego that says something like to you: You should use a midsize then you're a great player!. Look at the ATP players. Most of them don't use a midsize but a headsize between 95-100" because they are able to play their best game with these ones. The racquet must complement your game!
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