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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Gonzalito17, Yes a great book. By the way, it was published in the mid-1970s. Therefore it does not cover Rosewall's last years of his career.

I rank Muscles as a top ten player as late as 1977 (second part of the year): He won two tournaments (Hongkong and Gunze, Toky) and reached two finals of important tournaments (ToC,beating Fibak, Nastase and Dibbs and winning a set from Solomon 6-0) and Sydney indoors where he defeated Gerulaitis and gave Connors a tough match.
Great book for sure. I read somewhere that Rosewall was nearly the equal player to Laver, if not better in some ways, but Laver was the beneficiary of a more adoring media, namely Bud Collins who never missed a chance to blow his trumpets saluting the greatness of Laver. While Rosewall did not have such a powerful and persuasive media backing as Laver did. I don't know if it's true but it was an interesting comment which stuck in my mind.
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