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Originally Posted by Gee View Post
Going from a 100 sq inch frame to a midsize is a huge step in my opinion.

Simply rallying with a midsize frame is a whole other story than playing a match. You need to hit very cleanly with a midsize and that is much more difficult during a match. So it is important to demo racquets during matches as well.

I tell this from my own experience and I started with during the wooden era so I know how a 65 sq inch wooden frame plays. I think I wouldn't be able to play at the same level as with a 95" headsize. I was also intrigued by the feel of the Head Prestige Mid and I tried to switch several times but every time I noticed that it was just too small for my game. My slice serves and backhand were not as penetrating as with a 95" headsize. Volleys are a bit easier as well because of the more forgiveness of a MP.

So I would recommend the OP to switch to a smaller MP (95-98 inch headsize) first. When you feel that is still too big then you might take the step to a midsize.
I think this is good advice. You will have an easier transition to a mid if you hit somewhat flatter. If you are playing a topspin based game from the baseline you will notice the lack of forgiveness more.

You can demo 4-racquets from TW for $20. If you can play at least a set or two with each you should have a good idea how they will work for you. If you try the Blade 98 and 93, you can also throw in a couple of 95's. A Prestige MP and Babolat Pure Storm LTD would be good choices.
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