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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Thanks for the tennis prose article. Its nice, that there is a webside with regards to and reflections on the game's history. I read Rowley's book in the late 70s in a public library in Britain, when i was spending some weeks there as a student. There was not much tennis literature to be found then in Germany, and the London bookshops and libraries were a paradise for a tennis fan.

Agree Urban. Love modern tennis but I find reading about the champions of yesteryear to be equally if not more interesting and revealing. Today's players for the most part are very guarded and careful, the former champions have more perspective and freedom to share their experiences. Agree, the site is very good for shedding light on historical tennis. I remember reading very interesting interviews with Guillermo Vilas, Corrado Barrazzuti, Virginia Wade, Jimmy Connors, Manuel Santana, and others on that site. There was also a fascinating interview with Jimmy Connors son. It's one of my favorite tennis sites, along with ATP and and actually also is fantastic.
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