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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
The XKE's 0-60 times were never that 'wow' to begin with, between 6.8 sec. and 7.2. That said if you want to snatch (no pun intended) some gum-snappin' guidette snapper
Too bad the Trans Am is gone...

Originally Posted by Mister drool View Post
why these particular two vehicles?
Are you getting a good deal on one of these used?
I have a reason for asking, but not because of possibly purchasing either of them.

Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
Racing/chasing through the suburbs is always a bad idea so let's assume the streets are closed off to pedestrians and other traffic.

Depends on the skill of the drivers. Without a long straight the Camaro wouldn't be able to take advantage of the power difference and won't be able to pull away from the Jag without getting aggressive in the turns. That's a lot of power for an average driver to handle and it's more than likely he won't be able to keep it between the curbs. That said, the Jag has a reputation for overheating and might not be able to stand up to the rigors of a spirited chase.
You win the "best answering the actual question asked" award. Thank you.

Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Which is better at impressing the womenfolk? I'd go with the Jag...
What about the aforementioned guidettes?

Originally Posted by dParis View Post
. But for guys sporting the skinny jean look, a fixed gear Schwinn is most appropriate.
Indeed. If a man can pull off the skinny jean look, a snazzy car is uneccesary for snatching the aforementioned lady folk.
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