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Sorry. I meant palm-down. If I have my arm at my side and lift straight out slowly, at about 2" there is a pretty sharp pain, in addition to a constant sort of low pain. HELP!
I have had this condition in a severe form twice in 35+ years of tennis. My right arm was basically dangling from the shoulder. Place it by my side while standing and it was impossible to raise the arm to the side. Doctor said tendinitis in the rotator cuff area - I can feel acute pain on the upper front of the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder. Both times, pregnizone 6 day pack helped where you take 6 pills the first day, then 5, then 4, and so on for 6 days fixed the acute pain. Now, I do shoulder strenghtening and streching to avoid acute issues but still get a bit of soreness at the top front of the joint if I play a lot.

I use the following exercies:

1. wrist curls: forward, backward and rotate L to R with ball of 5 lb dumbell in hand.
2. bicep curls
3. tricep pull overs and sometimes kick backs
4. chest flys
5. back flys
6. chest press
7. back rows
8. push ups
9. shoulder lifts - arms at side with thumbs up and dumbell in hand - raise arm up and slightly to outside
10. streches for front of shoulder and back of shoulder

Search "throwers 10 exercies" and you'll get examples of most of these plus a few more. I use light weights 5, 8, 10, 12 lb dumbells and hi-reps 2x15 or 3x10.
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