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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
You can usually attribute the call(s) to poor vision, wishful thinking or pressure exerted from an insane parent. My kid has learned to accept the fact that on average there will be 1 or 2 contestable calls per match. Whatever the case may be, it's best to teach your kids how to deal with Captain Hook and just move on.

There won't be more officials. There won't be a ZERO tolerance policy. There won't be a contract that parents/kids sign before each tournament. There won't be a public facing website with names and pictures of frequent offenders.

If you teach your kid to hook back, you've failed as a parent. It's better for junior to focus on reducing unforced errors and building up the mental toughness arsenal to deal with those blurry-eyed moments that may occur during a match.

A hook loses, even when he/she wins. A champion is a winner, even when he/she loses. If you can teach your kid that, you're a 1st team All-American parent.
Great post. I could go on and on about this topic. Blaming the parents in a blanket statement is not the answer. The kids play the matches and make the calls, parents need to stay out. Expecting mommy and daddy to step in every time does not teach the kid how to handle them self when they are not there. Public parent to child humiliation is also not the answer. Many kids are soundly disciplined away from the court for poor sportsmanship (mine has been). Just because we don't see mommy and daddy publicly disciplining their kid does not mean they are not doing so when they leave the courts. *For poor sportsmanship of course.

I've seen over the years bad line callers and poor sports in the 12's and 14's who are now the opposite in the 16's and 18's. Expecting every kid to be Stephan Edburg is not realistic as is tolerating a little Johnny Mac is unacceptable. That's said, it goes without saying that Edburg or insert model players name is their expample.........But this is tennis, a frustrating game, and kids are all different, they will make mistakes during their jouney. How they learn from those mistake to make them a better player and person is key. They're kids, with our help they will mature and grow up. Hopefully.
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