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Default Cyclone Review

Gauge of playtest string -- 16g

Tension used for playtest -- 57lbs

Regular string set up -- Beast XP/Gosen Micro Sheep

Racquet brand and model used for test -- Prince Ozone Tour

Power of test string -- Good power. Nothing that I couldnt control on any of my shots. I like to hit a big serve and I get more fire from my Beast/Gosen Hybrid but I wouldnt mind trying this in a hybrid as well.

Feel -- No complaints here. I still prefer my regular setup but again thats probably because of the hybrid. I have played with a few other textured strings and this one was on the better end. Serves felt a bit stiff. I did like the feel of the ball coming off the bed on forehand and regular groundies

Spin -- Positive here. Good on forehand, nice on slice, but maybe too much on 2 hand backhand. Couldnt find a comfortable swing for a while on 2 hand backhand to get deep placement and ball was diving was short. Got through it.

Comfort -- Middle of the road feel. The best I have used was signum pro tornado as far as textured. This one was better than some others though. I have actually stayed away from textured string for this reason but Cyclone was encouraging

Durability -- No issues. I'm not a big string breaker so this is rarely a factor

Playability Duration -- The strings are still in my racquet. While not fresh, there not bad enough to replace. I string tight so the more they settle in the better. They are definetly on the other side as far as life but I think the playability is still ok.

Control -- Control was good other than taking a bit of time to find the depth control on the 2 handed backhand mentioned above. Power and control combination is just fine on the string for all shots.

Tension recommendations -- Mid 50's for me. Settles in nicely

Compare to the string you use most often -- Hard to compare because I have been a hybrid user recently. I did use Beast XP in a full bed for a time. Beast is more versatile I enjoy it more all around but Cyclone spin would rank higher.

If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare -- I never used the original Cyclone. I would like to try this in a hybrid so I can experience it how I have been stringing lately.

Thanks Tennis Warehouse for another great oppertunity!
Classic racquet with new tech strings
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