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Originally Posted by MAX PLY View Post
Perhaps, but you don't get any extra credit for being fast. It has been a very long time since I passed the certification test but as I recall it, the racquet must be strung with a two piece method and when I took it, we were required to use (cheap) gut on the mains and a mildly textured synthetic/nylon on the crosses--so every burn, kink or other mistake was very visible. The goal of the certification process is to test the applicant on his/her knowledge of many aspects of racquet services and to test the quality of one's abilities.

If I ran a retail shop, I would make sure that all of my stringers were certified because it assures both quality and is a good advertising point. If stringing is only a hobby, it's a good process to learn more about racquet service but it is not crucial. Nevertheless, I would recommend it if you an afford it--it is a good learning experience.
Exactly what I was thinking. He just said it more eloquently.
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