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Originally Posted by OneTennisParent View Post
I do understand, and always defer to the opponent's parent if they request that I not video. My gripe is with the USTA for not making it clear, and also for denying ALL objections to their own acquisition of images at nationals. You sign your rights away, or don't play.

There have also already been court cases brought against convicted child molesters who take pictures of children with long lens cameras. As long as there is no concurrent violation such as a distance restriction, the predator always wins. As grotesque as that is, there is no law preventing video of anyone as long as it's for personal use.

If the law has already been established, why is the USTA obviating it - except in their own interests? Oh yeah... they make money on those video rights that they force you to waive. You are just a paying member of their organization. Why should they allow you any latitude?

Limiting the permission to video to the player's parent or coach would still allow anyone to question outsiders who seem overly interested. I am not trying to throw the doors open to anyone, just those with a vested interest in the match being played. I invest significant resources to advance my player to her best potential. This is a valuable tool in that process.
like I said already on this subject , video your kids match and if the other parent does not like it 'OH well" tell them to get lost or pull their kid from the match , as for a tournament director have him call the police and they will be on your side "Its not illegal" so stand your ground and improve your player
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