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sampras gave up on roland garros after 97, he's admitted as much himself

go watch sampras from 92-96

he could play well on the red stuff, beating RG champions (or future RG champions) on it. davis cup 95 is probably his best (sustained) level on clay

his problem was that he did not have the patience, the consistency of groundstrokes, or the sense of control in his game (that he had on grass, carpets and hardcourts)

that is why sampras did not win RG, simple

also, it should be noted that surface homogenization has played a VERY strong part in federer and nadal's domination and consistency across surfaces

the surfaces of the 70s, 80s and 90s demanded adaption. today's surfaces don't

lastly, the career grand slam looks good on the resume, but look at where agassi stands compared to other all time greats

far behind sampras, connors and lendl. their records at slams, weeks at no 1, and titles won are too much

barely above mcenroe (who won only at 2 slams!)

appreciate sampras for what he is; one of the best on grass, hard and indoors in history
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