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Originally Posted by OneTennisParent View Post
I was just at the Winter Nationals, and a ref told me I could not tape unless I first secured permission from the opponent, her parents, and the facility. Match was starting so this was not remotely possible. I sought out the head ref who said "You can hang your camera, but must take it down if anyone objects." which is the rule with which I am familiar. I also asked if there is any written policy from the USTA, and he said no. So... if the USTA hasn't put anything in the code, what exactly are the refs enforcing? I tried this rationale in the past, and was instantly threatened with a code violation against my player if I didn't immediately comply with the refs arbitrary ruling.

BowTiesAreCool is absolutely correct. Images (still or video) for private use, are not protected. The laws apply to use for defamatory purposes or profit. The USTA has no right to force you to allow them to use your image, but preclude you from doing the same.

Also, restricting the video to fence mounted devices would further reduce predators. There is nothing sexy about a full court view from 20-60 feet away. The closer player even has his/her back to you 99% of the time. If I didn't already know the players involved, I couldn't pick them out of a lineup.
Maybe its girls' event that ref was enforcing own tournament rules. The father of my son's opponent never asked me for permission to tape the match. Apparently videotaping boys' matches at the supernationals is ok. Luckily Jerry Sandusky has not been accused for hurting tennis players.
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