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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Whoa there. You don't see me trashing your dreary "low tension kevlar" thread, do you?
Ok, I apologize for upsetting you.

So then, precisely which '67 jag are you referring to, because they made 3 different cars that year.

The fact that just about any street car from 40+ years ago will have a huge disadvantage mechanically when compared to something made now notwithstanding, a new Camaro will most certainly beat any of the cars Jaguar made back then, off-the-line, because American muscle cars are designed to A: look pretty, B: have a very low manufacturing cost, using as many parts from other models as possible, and C: go fast in a straight line.

European cars are designed for small, winding roads. Assuming drivers of equal skill, the 67 XKE would probably be able to keep up with the much larger and heavier new Camaro in your suburban street race scenario.

As far as the Challenger vs. Camaro, it's kinda tough to say which would be faster. They each have 4 different engines to choose from, and various other suspension and drivetrain options. Chevy's engines are bigger, heavier and more powerful but the Dodge weighs less. There's no way to accurately compare them without actually racing the two cars head to head.
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