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Gauge of String: 16G

Tension used for playtest: 56#s

Regular String Setup: WeissCannon B5E/N.Vy

Racquet Brand and Model used for test: Volkl C10 Pro

Power of test string: Definitely up there. More so than other polyís I have played with. Strung it higher than normal, at 56#s to stiffen up the C10, and to tame the power of the frame and the string itself. Groundstrokes landed deep in the court, too deep a few times. But still, the added pop was great for an aggressive baseliner like myself.

Feel: Not bad. Typically, I like my poly strings to play a little crisper, started to get a little mushy for me once it was past the 6th hour. Very soft stringbed, could feel the ball pocket and then throw it back into the court. Very comfortable feel on impact. Groundstrokes were pleasant, great plush response from Volkl, touch shots and volleys required more effort, the elasticity and pop made these harder to execute, several time had these shots sit up for my opponent to easily put away. Going for a penetrating volley produced great results however.

Spin: The spin this string generated was well above average, along with the rest of the polys I have played with. Especially on serve I noticed a harder bounce with my kick serves. There was however, quite a drop off for me after about the 3rd or 4th hour as the strings rounded out. The spin was still there, but obviously not near what it was fresh. The combination of the loss of spin, as well as tension really made this string harder to control as the playtest went on.

Comfort: Like mentioned, this is a very soft and comfortable string, with a great plush response on impact. Definitely would recommend this string if you are a player who is looking for the performance of poly strings, as well as something a little more forgiving on your arm and joints.

Durability: Not bad for a twisted/shaped poly. Not much string movement early, so they didnít saw into each other until later in the playtest. I restring every couple weeks regardless, but played these strings till they popped. Got 10 hours out of them, which was longer than I had expected considering how soft the string is.

Playability Duration: The playability of the string is below average compared to many other polys. You just wonít get many playable hours out of this string if youíre an above average hitter. After the 3rd set or around the 6th hour mark, the performance of the string really dropped off for me. Which may be a push for some players, considering the low price of the string at $9 a set.

Control: This was quite a powerful setup right from the get go. But after an adjustment was able to settle into the string and found plenty of control. Especially off of the serve. Easily directed where I wanted to place the ball, especially with my kick serve. Really had to work for the control once the tension dropped however, I found myself having to adjust my swing to compensate for the string, which proved challenging to do on a consistent basis.

Tension Recommendations: If I were to play with the string again I would string around the same tension as I did this go round. 4 or 5 pounds higher than my normal poly tension to compensate for the pop of the string, and tension drop off I experienced.

Comparison to my normal set up: Compared to B5E/N.Vy, Cyclone tour was about the same as comfort goes, which was surprising for me considering it was full poly. However, the tension/playability of my current setup is just terrific, being able to play it well beyond what I experienced with Cyclone Tour. If Volkl could stretch just a couple more hours out of their cyclone strings, they would have a lot more players on board.

Compared to the original Cyclone- N/A

This is a very good performing poly for a very manageable price. I wonít be switching to it, but I will come back to it again, and Iím sure many other players will enjoy it very much just as I did.

Big thanks to TW for the string and allowing me to be a part of the play test!
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