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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
There are some players that do not like to be videotaped, this isn't just a parental decision.

While OP only wants to tape his daughter, I know many people use that cover to tape opponent in actuality.

Videotaping may be helpful but parents that do it can be annoying and a huge distraction.

Frankly, when your kid is a really good player, it is surprising how many parents decide that is the match to tape.
Not being sarcastic, but I don't understand what could be annoying or distracting. I have a mount that hangs on the back fence. Takes 30-sec to put up prior to warm-up, and I walk away. The entire thing is matte black so there are no distracting colors or reflections, and it doesn't move. I don't stand on the sideline panning back and forth with a handheld. After the match, I take it down and move on.

I don't know many high-level players that aren't videotaped to study technique anyway, so it wouldn't be new to them.

Re using the video to gain advantage over an opponent; none of the juniors I know are finished products. If you spend time analyzing opponents, you waste time needed to develop you own player. Also, I am already watching and making notes while I chart the match. If I can't find a hole in the opponent while watching, I am not going to have an epiphany while reviewing the video.
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