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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
It is also not illegal for them to default your child from the match. They can do that and there is nothing the police can do about it. You could file a grievance but guess what? The match is still over. There needs to be a set decision made on this topic by the USTA. I fear it will be them saying it is their event and no video taping is allowed.
Too true. There are some refs that seem to get off on the power they wield. I had one point directly at me and say "code!" because I had the audacity to say "come on" when my player was seated on a changeover. I know that cheer-leading is allowed, and doing it on a changeover is the least disrupting time, but if I had argued he would have taken it out on my player.

That the ref is incorrect is immaterial. They win. Until the USTA incorporates something into the Code, the refs have lots of latitude and you have none. I too am leery of pushing the USTA farther than I have already, as deferring to the negative is easier for them. That's why I keep asking for a lawyer who can file a suit alleging violation of our First Amendment rights. Then they would have to start spending money to defend the case, or allow video. They love money too much to take it to court.
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