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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
Well, I am now in receipt of a pair of Wimbledon Graphites. Indeed, it's the same model as used by Joakim Nystrom and Mikael Pernfors, but the pair I purchased (one that has been modified with ample lead at the sides of the head, strung with natural gut; and one seemingly unmodified one that had never been strung, but now is) appear to have been earmarked for Rodney Harmon? (There's a sticker on the unmodified, NOS one that simply is marked, "Rodney.")

Lovely frames, perfect head size (88 square inches; looks larger as it is wider - closer to round - than most elliptical 90's), great quality. The original Wimbledon calfskin grips (in massive size 5) are Wimbledon-branded, but appear to be the same as the best Pro Kennex grips used concurrently - no surprise there since these Wimbledon frames were openly made by Kunnan, and marked as such.

I'm taking them for a hit tonight; can file a report if there is any interest.
please do share. i've got a wimbledon graphite in my collection that i've been meaning to string up and take out for a hit.
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