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Originally Posted by AtomicForehand View Post
1. Improve first-serve percentage (it's a killer when it's on, but depending on the day I hit it in somewhere between only 20-60% of the time). I would like my first-serve percentage to never be lower than 50%--and that would be on a bad day!

2. Dare to hit kickers and sliders as my second serve whenever I am up 30-0, 40-0, or 40-15. Current second-service delivery is a homemade underspun thing (which no one is really able to attack successfully actually. But still. I want to be a big girl someday)

3. Sneak in some serve-and-volley play (again, when I am up in the score)
It's amazing what confidence a solid kicker can bring to your game. I rarely double fault anymore for the sheer fact that I have a huge kick serve that I can place well. Even if I'm feeling not so confident, I can throw in a kicker on the first serve and keep percentages up in pressure situations if need be.

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