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Saw him hit with S Glickstein, who was hitting crazy topspin for those days. Connors played as if the ball was on a string, never seen anything like it ever. Absolutely smooth hitting.

Was there with some college buddies of Mayotte. So we got to stand courtside with the great man himself. 1981 saw McEnroe S Mayer in the afternoon so must have been after Glickstein lost to Connors the day before. Maybe he was in the doubles so stayed around and hit with Connors.
Or it was 1983 and Glickstein was still in the doubles.

Went back in 1984 and saw Connors lose to Lendl. The doubles was Lendl/Gomez v Becker/Sanchez. Almost empty house, quite late and Becker/Sanchez gave them a scare. That was a pretty good day, why can't I have that day over and over...?

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