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A local buddy of mine, username Lidoazndiabloboi, weighed and provided me the following weight for the different version grommets for the prestige mid.
(Weights included all 3 pieces of the grommet set)

TK 52 Original : 33.3 g. ---> 1.17 oz
iprestige : 28.2 g. ---> .99 oz
Liquid metal: 33.5 g. ---> 1.18 oz
Flexpoint: 28.0 g. --->0.99 oz
Microgel: 28.8 g. ---> 1.01 oz
IG: 28.3 g. ---> 1.00 oz

At first, I wasn't concerned about weight, and didn't realize how a couple of grams would make a difference. So I installed the grommet that looks the most different, which is the white/see-thru IG grommets. On the courts, the racket looks sort of like a girl's racket.

After 2 weeks of use, I felt more tired from use and felt I had to swing through more to generate more pace. I didn't realize the lightness of the grommet made such a drastic difference, until I picked up my other prestige classic with the original grommet.

Here's the thread with pics:

Just broke the strings this weekend, so the Liquidmetal version will be going on.

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