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Originally Posted by danotje View Post
I think it is all interesting, but like someone said, I don't think there has been much since graphite. Maybe O-ports, hammer tech and string patterns (a la 99s), but I don't know that they revolutionized the racquet industry.

One breakthrough that I don't think has gotten any notice is PK's Kinetic system. Along with some other elements, it helped me get over TE. The really intersting part, though, is that it makes the frame very solid and stable. Volleys are very controllable with those frames. I was desperate to save my arm, and I wasn't buying the hype, but I took a chance anyway. Now I'm pain free and playing better than just 6 months ago. I have worked on my technique a lot, so it isn't necessarily the racquet, but I'm a believer in Kinetic. Revolutionary? Probably not. Evolutionary? Definitely.
I agree 100 percent. Myself and several friends have been cured of tennis elbow with this racquet. I then moved on to the Babolat Pure Control and have avoided arm problems since. I hear it's the head light, overall heavy racquet that helps, but the PK 5G,( with 5 grams of whatever sloshing around in the head ) maybe has something to do with it?
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