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Gauge: 17g

Tension used for playtest: 57 lbs.

Regular set up: Solinco Tour Bite 17g @57lbs

Racquet: Dunlop Revelation 200g

Power: I didn't feel it was too impressive as far as power goes. Not on the lowest end of the spectrum, but definitely not on the higher end. Probably mid-lower end from what I've tested. I wasn't disappointed with it though, it gave me what I needed, and it didn't lack so much that I wasn't able to make up for it. Groundstrokes were easy to keep in play, although I had some trouble against players with flatter/harder shots. Volleys seemed to go a little deeper than I wanted, but I was able to adjust. My flat serves were a little more difficult to keep in, kickers were fine, no noticeable improvement on pace though.

Feel: A little mushy for me once they broke in after a few hours of play, mainly on groundstrokes. Not quite as crisp as some other strings I've tried. Again, not too bad, it was manageable and didn't bother me too much, but not my favorite feel overall. It felt a little springy at the net, as volleys seemed to sail a little longer than I was going for.

Spin: The shining attribute, in my opinion. It took a little extra effort, but with it I was able to produce about as much spin as with my Tour Bite. However, I wasn't able to put as much pace on it while generating as much spin, in comparison to Tour Bite. Overall though, the amount of spin was easy to control, both forehand and backhand, and made for some nice shot placement. Kick serves and slice serves were pretty effective. Again, a little less pace than I'd like while putting as much spin on it, but easy to place and still effective.

Comfort: I didn't notice any discomfort during or after any session testing with this string. Once it started to die though, (started about 3-4 hours of hitting, really noticeable at about 6) it didn't feel too good, but hey what dead poly does?

Durability: Durability was pretty good, not much notching and it didn't break, but I usually cut poly out before it breaks anyways. I was satisfied though.

Playability Duration: After the tension settled in, after the first hour or so of hitting, it was great. It seemed to last on that same level for a decent amount of time, maybe another 2-3 hours, and then dropped off pretty quick, and I didn't like playing with it after that.

Control: The easy access to spin made for some easy control, but even flat shots and touch shots felt pretty good. I would find here and there that would sail on me, but for the most part it was pretty consistent. Serves were easy to control, definitely on the upper end for me.

Tension Reccomendations: I would like to try a little looser to see how the power compared, maybe 4 lbs or so.

Comparison to normal set up: Overall I like Tour Bite better, because of its crisper feel and holds tension better. I like that I can get more spin on harder shots, which was more difficult for me with the playtest string. I felt it came close in most categories, particularly spin and control, with power and feel on the lower end.

Comparison to original cyclone: N/A
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