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Default ATP rules

Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post

1. In Dual Matches, the doubles will be stopped when the doubles point has been won.

2. From January 1 through the ITA National Team Indoor Championships, (unless both coaches agree otherwise) all non-conference dual matches will use No-Ad scoring for the doubles only and will play the doubles tiebreak at 7-7.


If a player requests a medical timeout, he will be allowed three minutes combined for both evaluation and treatment. He will also receive a point penalty; however, this point penalty will not be part of the Code Violation point penalty system.


If a Division 1 player asks to use the bathroom break other than on a changeover or setbreak, it will be his/her one medical timeout. The men will also receive a point penalty. It will be timed like other bathroom breaks and lateness will result in time violations. This includes a toilet visit requested at the end of the warm-up.

TOILET BREAK (Women's Rules)

Division 1 women may have one three-minute bathroom break on the changeover (in addition to the 90 second changeover or 2 minute setbreak, allowing for total stoppage time of 4 1/2 minutes or 5 minutes on a setbreak). Returning late from this break will result in Time Violations (warning, point, point, etc.
How come the penalty rule (the sentence "The men will ...) differs from ATP rules?
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