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The other day I saw a listing on that auction site where a guy was selling just the stand and tension head from an Eagnas machine. I don't know why I clicked on it but I did and he mentioned he was selling it because he uses the table for a Prince pneumatic stringer. I emailed him and asked for pics and he was gracious enough to send them to me. I had an ah-ha moment. The first was that he used 1 inch washers to lift the Eagnas table higher to fit the tension head assembly better.

I had heard from a person who viewed my video above that there should be a plastic washer between the table and post so I thought to go buy a washer. It cured the wobble! I thought, "Why not buy a few more to lift the table to get 360 degree swivel?" and I did. It works!

I think I can live with the glide bars longer.

In other news, I just picked up a Prince MP100 stringer too. I got it from a friend of mine who'd just sold all of the clamps, glide bars, etc. I mainly got it because the table, compressor, and nearly all other parts are interchangeable. Besides, I traded some stuff I was never going to use for it. I just have to get it operational. The compressor just runs and doesn't seem to build up pressure. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, which came first; the P200 or the MP100? Is one better than the other? I can tell the tables are slightly different. The P200 table is a 2 point and the MP100 is a 3 point mount; at least, that is what I've read somewhere. The only difference is that the MP100 has 1 clamp at the head with 4 plastic adapters and the P200 only has 2 plastic adapters.

That is all. Thanks for reading my rant.
Back to using POGs. Why did I ever leave you dear friend?
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