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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
Hey BB! I got my F3.0 tour back in October when it first came out and I hit with it for a bit but did not care for the feel so I put it back down. A few weeks later I came back to it and my hitting partner started to say that he thought I played better with the F3.0. I wouldnt accept that and went back to my Bio. Long story short I started playing with the F3.0 a lot this month which set my overall game back slightly (from switching back and forth) but it became clear to me that my shots were better, heavier, spinnier, etc. so now I am a true believer.

I liked the way the F3.0 played with lead at 10:2 also! I then ran the lead all along the upper hoop covering the "dunlop" lettering which is similar to my Bio 300 tour setup. Serving was great with this setup! I started to hit my groundies long by a bit though so I probably would go back to the 10:2 layup that you have but for now I am going stock.

I will be curious what you decide over the coming weeks. Good luck!
Hey tom! Yeah it seems like my experience with the racquet is verging on your story with it! I hit with it again today and I'm really dialing in on my groundies, volleys, and serve. That lead tape really made a difference. I'm glad you already tried leading the upper hoop-- I was planning on doing that too but I'll probably just stick with the 10 & 2o'clock setup. It's really a sweet hitting stick like this. I still miss the solidity of the backhand when using the Bio 300 Tour, but the remarkable feel of the F3.0 Tour is slowly converting me. I guess we'll see how far this racquet takes us. From the look of it, it's gonna take us far!
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