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Originally Posted by treeman10 View Post
Do you purchase lessons ahead of time and have a regular weekly schedule? Purchasing lessons in packages, say of 10 or 20 (versus one at a time) helps ensure a regular spot and guarantees it with most coaches. People that do lessons on demand or on a drop in basis are given way less priority than ones that have made an investment in the coach and his/her lessons. Coaches invest in players that invest in them.
True, if I have a student who wants lesson at 4pm on Tuesday for two hours that is their spot until they give it up. Now if they change it up our can only make it once a month or so, their spot may shift to what's available. I will also try to coordinate with other parents who may do every other week and have a day or so set aside to fit in other students with the same issue. But, the parent needs to be specific and honest with pro about time, availability issues.
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